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Car loans


Car Loans

Car loans are the special types of loan that borrower takes when he needs a car. These loans are also secured as these are also taken under the supervision of the authentic sponsor that is a proper bank which undertakes the responsibility to get the installments in time by the borrower. A loan is a type of debt that ensures the borrower to get his desired necessity fulfilled in time and it creates a healthy relation between a borrower and a lender. So these car loans are always helpful in getting s automobile for a person.

One can get the desired vehicle through installments without paying a huge amount at once. This is a very common way of leasing a car and this ensures the best possible car for a person who has a great need of it. The most important thing is loan has to be taken through a proper way in which a bank is involved. This is called secured loan and through this very loan policy you can have a very easy installments through which you can pay at a specific interest rate. Car loans are most common amongst the borrowers today as this is need of every single person today. So people prefer taking loans as compare to paying at one single time the huge amount.

The car loan is a scheme which makes it easy for everyone to get a car of his choice at any possible time. As you don’t have to pay that amount then and there but you can pay in a period of one year up to 5 years or more. Through this a borrower has a leniency to pay the amount in different and mentioned installments. The person if in any case is unable to pay that am\mount back his car will be sealed and bank has the right to sell that and get the money which the person has owned. This is the legal way of taking over any ones property by any means.

Car loans are the type of loans that requires a monthly or annually payments of installments and that installment must have to be paid in time to claim your possession of the car if you get a little delayed or is unable to pay you will lost hold of your car and that will than become the property of the bank through which you owned that. These loans ensure you a quality maintained car for your comfort and you can easily reach anywhere as your destiny will be achieved with the car you will own. This is what you should be looking positively too. As this loan is eventually going to bring you comfort.

Applying for a new car financing without knowing your credit score is one of the worst things a new car buyer can do. Before you apply for a car loan, do some research. If the manufacturer offers you additional rebates in exchange for you through the manufacturer, then you should take their car financing. If you trade in for new Car loans, make them put in writing they’ll pay off your car loan in 10 days, or no deal. People with bad credit pay higher auto loan interest rates. You can run your own credit file all you want, but if dealers run it for new cars, then your score drops.  According to the Consumer Federation of America, car buyers are often overcharged by 3% on their loans at the dealership, which can add $1000 to the life of their loan. If you owe more on your car than it is worth or put down less than 20%, you should get Gap coverage from your insurance agent.



Increase your chance on getting approval on a car loan


  • If your credit score is >680, you are “prime borrower”. Your low APR auto loan will most surely be approved.
  • Don’t apply if you have moved in the last 6 months.
  • Pay off your credit card balances as low as possible.
  • Don’t apply for a car loan for at least 3 years after a bankruptcy.
  • If you’re a recent college grad, don’t apply until you’re at your new job at least 6 months.
  • A previous car loan or home mortgage on your record helps.


Steps to take before you apply for a car loan:-


  • Get your credit score so that dealers can’t lie to you about your score.
  • Remove previous addresses and other errors off your credit report.
  • Never pay cash for a deposit on new car financing. If the deal doesn’t work, you’ll never get your cash back, but you can dispute a credit transaction.
  • Having credit account balances above 50% of the credit limit quickly degrades your score, meaning higher auto loan interest rates and bad credit auto loans
  • Wait until your score goes up to 680 if you’re applying for a prime car loan.
  • Online auto rates are the standard for dealers to beat. Use online car loan payment calculators and choose your best auto financing.
  • If your credit score is <680, you are “sub prime”. You’ll pay higher APR on your auto loan.
  • Below 550, you ca forget about a car loan or get a bad credit auto loan.


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